Company's New Campaign Celebrates All #MiracleMomBods (PHOTOS)

Child playing on swingLike many other women, I couldn't help but roll my eyes this summer when the concept of the hot "Dad Bod" went viral. It just seemed so unfair. Not only do guys not have to do the heavy lifting of pregnancy, but they also don't get shamed for having a soft belly afterward? MY body made a human being! Where is the love for the "mom bod"?


Mallorie Dunn, designer and owner of New York–based clothing company SmartGlamour, was wondering the same thing -- so her company recently announced its new awareness campaign called #MiracleMomBods

Its mission, though, isn't only to accept all different types, sizes, shapes, and styles of moms. Dunn takes it one step further, sharing with The Stir that she wants women to remember that "you don't automatically lose yourself, your style, or your personality after becoming a mom." Indeed.

She explains: 

We are hoping to continue pushing forward the message that bodies are ever changing and not tied to the worth of the human inhabiting them. With this campaign specifically, we are shining a light on the fact that moms do not have to aspire to get any previous body 'back' after having a baby.

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Dunn also notes that the company, which sells clothes in sizes XS to 6X and beyond, is committed to only using photos in its advertising that are unretouched and feature a diverse array of body types -- like moms Christina and Gina (above) and Lady Zombie and Tia (below).

2 moms and babies

This campaign joins efforts like Lane Bryant's Plus Is Equal and Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty to add body-positive messages to our national conversation about how we portray and talk about women's bodies.

On behalf of myself and every other mom who never got her "body back after baby" (like so many glamorous celebrities seem to do), I say thanks for the shout-out. I did grow a human being in my body (twice!) -- that is kind of a miracle.


Images via SmartGlamour

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