Teacher Nearly Fired After Prude Parents Find Her Fitspo Bikini Photos

What is a middle school teacher doing in a bikini contest? Outraged parents complained when their children found pictures of Mindi Jensen posing onstage in a skimpy costume. They called the photos "immodest" and "pornographic." But it turns out they weren't seeing the whole picture.


When she's not teaching at North Sanpete Middle School, newly divorced mom-of-four Jensen is pursuing fitness in a serious way. She's a competitive body builder, and yes, she posts fitspo photos on Instagram. But she does so through an alias, and she tries to keep her fitness life completely separate from her teaching life.

Of course it's nearly impossible to keep anything a secret these days. Somehow, some of her students found her photos and certain parents lost their lids over them and reported her. Not that there was even anything to report! Nevertheless, the school district threatened to fire Jensen if she didn't either make her Instagram account private or take it down altogether.

Fortunately local news station Good 4 Utah made inquiries at the district level and the school apologized and backed down.

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But how stupid! It's her private life, for one thing. It's perfectly legal, for another. It's not like her hobby is cultivating and selling cocaine. She's working out, competing, and trying to inspire other women to get stronger, too. 

If anything, the school should be congratulating her. She's a great example for the girls, especially. Imagine having a body-building teacher when you're at an impressionable age.

Okay, yeah, you may have certain feelings about your kid's teacher posing in a bikini, fitness competition or no. But I'll guarantee a lot of that feeling involves a giant scoop of envy. Know what I mean? I think some parents, deep in the darkest, most repressed recesses of their brains, are thinking, "Dang, where does she get off looking so good?!?" Never mind how much hard work it takes Jensen to look like that.

Anyway, Jensen asked (rhetorically) Good 4 Utah why her rights were about to be taken away when this was clearly a problem between the parents and their kids. "If you are not comfortable with seeing me in my fitness uniform onstage posing then take that away from your kid. Don't take it away from me." 

She makes a good point. What are your kids doing, snooping around the Internet gawking at bikini shots of their teacher -- posted under an alias, remember? If you're not cool with that, maybe monitor your kids' Internet use, because believe me, there are FAR worse things a kid could come across than his or her teacher's showing off her swoll biceps.


Image via Good4Utah.com

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