Tweets From 'Man Who Has It All' Will Make You Never Want 'Me Time' Again

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Remember laughing at those books for "women who do too much" -- until you grew up and/or became a mom and realized: IT'S TRUE? We all need to slow down and kick back rather than lean in. And the latest reminder of that comes from @ManWhoHasItAll on Twitter.


What is that, you ask? Well, it's simply genius. Someone -- apparently a working dad with kids, but does it really matter who? -- has taken all the earnest "you go, girl" messages we women lob at each other (and yes, "lob" is the right word) and projected them onto men.

To show us how desperate we are to achieve? Or please? Or make our lives perfect? To show how ridiculously busy we are and how we put ourselves last every. Single. Time?

Um, yes on all counts.

It's probably better for you to see for yourself what we mean. Check out some of these tweets from the Man Who Has It All.

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Other tongue-in-cheek advice includes filling large pores with cream cheese to make them look less noticeable and using your eyelashes to open doors for you.

Laughing till you cry? Yep, that's right. Because in every bit of humor lies a kernel of truth.

We women are lovely cheerleaders for one another. But we repeat our advice SO earnestly and SO often that it loses its power -- and just starts to sound like more stuff we should do.

"Man Who Has It All" is a great reminder that we XX-ers overthink everything, while underserving ourselves.

So please, let's all swear off the phrase "me time" from now on, okay?


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