Period Underwear Ads Deemed 'Too Risqué' -- Because Eww, Periods! (PHOTOS)

The way pad and tampon companies avoid mentioning stuff like "periods" and "menstruation" in their ads is a joke. We're not that prude anymore, are we? I think most of us can handle seeing the word "period" in an ad. But the provocative ads for Thinx, a menstrual underwear company, may have pushed the taboo just a little too far.


Actually, to call the ads "provocative"would be a stretch. All the Thinx ads really do is state what their product is: "Underwear for women with periods." OMG, WHUT? Women have periods? How will we explain this to the children who probably already know what sex is by the time they can read?

Take a look at the ads Thinx wanted to run.

RELAX. It's a grapefruit. What you do with your imagination is your business.

An egg that will not be fertilized -- get it?

So guess what! Outfront Media, the company that manages New York City subway advertising, rejected the Thinx ads because they're too "risqué." They say the ads show "too much skin" and the grapefruit and egg photos are "inappropriate."

ICYMI #notyourgrapefruit [link in bio]���

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Hah! #NotYourGrapefruit FTW

An Outfront representative was also uncomfortable with the use of the word "period," although the agency now claims this was not why the ads were rejected. Sure.

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Meanwhile, as someone who rides the subway every day, I can tell you that I see LOADS of skin. But it's all in ads for breast augmentation, lingerie, and diet supplements. P.S. one of the boob job ads features photos of fruit meant to suggest breasts. The women in these ads all have sexy, come-hither looks.

In contrast, the women in the Thinx ads look kind of tired and like they just want to be left alone with some chocolate. But you can see the skin on their arms and legs!

Thinx director of marketing Veronica del Rosario tells, "I stated [to an Outfront rep] that it was extremely disheartening that [certain other ads] could fly, but something for women that speaks directly to women isn't okay by them. He replied, 'This is not a women's issue. Don't try to make it a women's rights thing.'"

Oh please. You know when someone says "don't make it a women's rights thing" it's because they know full well it's a women's rights thing. "Please don't make it a women's rights thing because I was hoping to get away with being sexist and now you've blown my cover, you ball buster."

Thinx and Outfront are still discussing the ads, and who knows. Maybe someone at Outfront will pull their head out of their butt and approve the ad campaign after all.

It's just so childish. Periods. Most women get them, and it's helpful to have stuff for them. You are not a real man if you cannot handle this information. That is all.


Images via Thinx/Instagram; by Thinx

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