Democrats Agree: Moms Deserve Paid Maternity Leave

The Democrats have spoken. American moms deserve paid maternity leave. What took them so long? No matter. It is encouraging to hear serious presidential candidates say in no uncertain terms that paid leave for parents to take care of their new babies is long overdue. Holla!


The topic was brought up by by CNN's Dana Bash during the first debate among 2016 Democratic candidates for president.

Senator Bernie Sanders was the first to take up a strong stand for paid maternal leave in the U.S.

"It is an international embarrassment that we do not provide paid family leave," Sanders said.

But Hillary wasn't about to be outdone on a signature working mothers' issue and so recounted her own exhausted days as a mother taking care of her baby and having to run off to court first thing in the morning to practice law.

"We need to recognize the incredible challenges working parents face," Secretary Clinton said during the debate. "Especially for working moms."

She even name-checked longtime paid leave champ Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.


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The good news: No matter which Democratic candidate caught your eye in the first debate, they think you deserve paid leave to take care of your new baby.

Ms. Clinton also unleashed a blistering takedown of Republican attacks on women's rights.

Yay democracy! When candidates are competing to prove who's going to fight harder for women, we all win, baby. 


Image via cnn/Instagram

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