#PolishedMan Campaign Tackles Child Abuse by Having Guys Get Manicured (PHOTOS)

man manicure #PolishedmanIf you see a man with a lone polished fingernail and you think you're hallucinating, you're not. Men of all ages from the far-reaching corners of the world are painting a single nail to call attention to the shocking statistic that one in five children are victims of physical and sexual abuse globally. 


So just how did this movement come about? Elliot Costello, CEO of Ygap, an Australian-based nonprofit, launched the #polishedman campaign after meeting a young girl in Cambodia who had been the victim of extreme, daily sexual abuse while living in an orphanage.

By painting a lone nail, Costello is hoping to change the conversation about what it means to be a "man." And putting the "man" in manicure are these fellas who aren't afraid to show their true colors and take a stand against this heartbreaking crime against the most innocent. 

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Ok kids, new coat for the last week of the Polished Man campaign (thanks Rebecca Carter for the upgrade !) .. Had many chats about this campaign with friends and strangers alike which has been awesome and I'd like to finish this week with a little more fundraising to go towards a better and safer world for kids globally.. Any donation, whether it be $1 or $100, will go into the draw to win $200 worth of premium wine from the Casama range, so dig deep and be in it to win it ! Many thanks on behalf of the kids to those that have donated so far.. Cheers, Lefty https://au.polishedman.com/adamwright #polishedman #ipreferapolishedman #ygap #melbourne #sydney #brisbane #adelaide #perth #australia #global #notoviolenceagainstchildren

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One in five is NOT acceptable

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Let's hope these powerful images get people talking. With that alarming visual, the reality of one in five is too big to ignore. 


Image via africastudio/shutterstock 

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