This Celeb Could Be the New Female Face of the $10 Bill -- If America Has Its Way

Earlier this year, the U.S. Treasury finally figured it was time to swap out one of the white dudes on our paper money for a historically significant woman, and I can't agree more. As sad as I am to see Hamilton go (let's get rid of Jackson instead, amiright?), I gotta say: There are some pretty great options out there for ladies to take his place.


The Treasury is looking to crowdsource suggestions and boy do I have thoughts for them. At first, I was thinking along the same lines as everyone else: How about Ida B. Wells? Harriet Tubman? Susan B. Anthony?

But then Kanye West announced he's going to run for president in 2020. And the Kardashians were named "America's First Family" by Cosmopolitan. And I was like, "Hmmmmm ..."

You see where this is going, right? Kim Kardashian has GOT to be on the $10 bill. It makes perfect sense!! People might try to hate them, but you can't deny that the Kardashians are relevant and important to our culture today. Yes, they're hated. But most women are hated, so honestly, this seems like a battle we can't win anyway.

Plus, she's hot. Isn't it time we have a hot person on our money? I mean, just look at her.

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Kim on our money would be an instant boost to the economy. Everyone would want to spend more just to see her face. (Did I just solve America's economic crisis with one shoddily Photoshopped image? I think maybe.)

Technically, the Treasury is asking for suggestions that are a) a fitting representation of the democracy, and b) dead. While I think it's clear we have the first covered with Kim, I also think that the Treasury will let the second requirement slide considering how well she fills the first one.

I mean, the alternative is assassination, and I'm not here for that.

So we're agreed? Kim Kardashian should definitely, 100 percent be on the next incarnation of the $10 bill. I'm sure of it and now I've convinced you, too. It's not too late to vote on the Treasury site or tweet your vote with the hashtag "#TheNew10," so you know what you have to do now.

Or, you know, don't. 

Given America's obsession with the Kardashians, I'm positive someone out there will send Kim K in as a suggestion this year. Please, please don't let it be you. We can agree that Kim is pretty badass and has one hell of a Twitter presence, but there are some other, even more badass women who we're thinking deserve the $10 bill honor a little bit more. (We're looking at you, Rosa Parks/Eleanor Roosevelt/Sojourner Truth/Frances Perkins/must we go on.)

We'll keep the Kardashians as our first family. But we'll be giving the $10 bill to someone else, thanks.


Image via StepanPopo/shutterstock

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