Gay Dads in New Campbell's Soup Ad Offend One Million Homophobic Moms (VIDEO)

A major company has put out an adorable ad featuring two gay dads, so you know there will be people on hand to rant and rave about it. Campbell's Soup pit two dads against each other to try to make the best Darth Vader impersonation while they feed their young son Star Wars–themed noodle soup.


Get it? I. Am. Your. Father! Anyway, it's super cute, and you can take a look at it here:

It's just one of about a bajillion products marketing the new Stars Wars movie, due in theaters in December, but I think it's the only one that has conservative group One Million Moms up in arms.

They put out a call to action, asking others to contact Campbell's to let them know that they don't agree with their glorification of "unnatural marriage."

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Does anyone else think that their resources could be put to better use? Agree with gay marriage or not, it's law now. Couldn't they be putting their efforts into things that actually matter, like protecting Christian pastors who might be forced to perform gay weddings even if it goes against their religion?

We all have a right to our individual beliefs, and Campbell's has the right to advertise how it wants. If you don't like it -- turn off the TV.


Image via Campbell's Soup/YouTube

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