Woman Shuts Down Haters Who Teased Her About Acne on Social Media (VIDEO)

Ashley VanPevenage imageYou go, girl! A young woman, who became the object of ridicule after her before-and-after photos went viral, has a powerful message for haters. Though she was cyberbullied, Ashley VanPevenage, 20, discovered self-confidence she never knew she had! 


Here's how it all went down: After experiencing a severe breakout as part of an allergic reaction, VanPevenage sought the help of the makeup artist who goes by @makeupbydreigh on Instagram. It's no wonder her spectacular transformation (pictured above) went viral. But while some were impressed, others took it as an opportunity to mock Ashley's "before" face and condition. 

Understandably, VanPevenage was shocked and heartbroken to find herself the butt of so many "jokes." But, ultimately, it led her to discover the beauty she has within. Take a listen to her empowering message, where she calls out by name some of those who bullied her:

Don't you just love this? She's so inspiring. Rather than wallow in self-pity, VanPevenage turned the situation around and actually drew strength from it. For someone so young, she's awfully wise!

Also, let's be honest, makeup fades, but self-confidence will last a lifetime -- not to mention, feeling good about yourself is way more attractive than fake lashes and some lip liner.

Still, it's an amazing transformation that represents beauty inside and out. 

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A photo posted by @makeupbydreigh on

We love how this situation inspired her to embrace her natural beauty! We're sure it'll help other acne sufferers just as she hopes. 


Image via @MakeupByDreigh/Instagram

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