Topshop Tattoos of 'Skin Flaws' Aim to Redefine Beauty -- But Miss the Mark

woman with frecklesBritish clothing brand Topshop is launching a new line of temporary tattoos this week. Forget butterflies, flowers, or even Chinese lettering that you think means something like "bravery" but probably translates to "gall bladder." These new tats are freckles, spots, moles, and scars.


Recently, Topshop and Central Saint Martins, an art school in London, held a competition among jewelry design students. The fashion-forward bunch were asked to create a new collection based on three intriguing little words: "Women and Power."

We are guessing no one made ankle bracelets out of Donald Trump's hair, but let's stop and think for one second how awesome THAT would have been.

The winning entry? Temporary tattoos of (you remember the intro above) gold freckles, spots, moles, and scars.

"Living in the age of Photoshop and airbrushing tools, skin is always under pressure to be perfect," Refinery29 reports that the Topshop press release read. "[These] designs aim to leave a lasting impression by ultimately encouraging a greater appreciation and ownership of ourselves; highlighting imperfections and celebrating adversity."


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We admit, we're kinda fascinated with the early pics of these tattoos. Truly, who doesn't want freckles, if you weren't born with them naturally? And they're stunningly delicate -- more like jewelry than any sort of "flaw."

There's also a funky edginess to them we dig. Just like when you meet someone at a PTA meeting who looks pretty straight and narrow, then you realize they've got a hella tattoo on the back of their neck.

But couldn't these tattoos be considered condescending by people who truly have skin imperfections that they're self-conscious about and wish they could change? Sure, we can all flaunt a gold scar for a night out, then peel it off the next day. It's not the same for someone who actually has a scar they don't like.

Then again. Maybe this collection will live up to its well-intentioned goal and inspire women who have permanent spots, scars, freckles, and moles to redefine how they think of them. That is, that they don't need to be gold -- or removable -- to be beautiful.


Image via Irina Bg/shutterstock

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