Everyone's Offended by 'Cosmopolitan's' Kardashian Cover -- It's 'Cosmo,' People!

kardashiansLooks like the Kardashians are kausing a stir again -- or, to be more specific, a Cosmopolitan cover featuring the family is making major waves. Why? Because it refers to Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie as "America's First Family." Um, the last time we checked, America already had one of those (and they don't live in Calabasas; they live in the White House!).


Unsurprisingly, people are pretty much freaking out over Cosmo's choice of words. Twitter users have expressed everything from disgust to outrage to, um, disgusted outrage over the implication that the Kardashians are somehow more important to Americans than the Obamas. Some people have even wondered if using the term "First Family" to describe the Kardashians instead of the Obamas was a racially motivated act. Here's the cover:

Personally, I think Cosmo's decision to call the Kardashian's "America's First Family" was actually about one thing and one thing only: selling magazines. Because guess what? The Kardashians have approximately 8 billion fans, many of whom will happily pay money for a magazine with their idols on it. And if you're directly addressing those people, I'm willing to bet that you're referring to the Kardashians as "America's First Family" not in the political sense, but in the pop culture sense: "America's First Family of Reality TV"; "America's First Family of Instagram." You get the idea.

Plus, let's consider the source, shall we?? This is Cosmo we're talking about here. COSMO. I could say a lot of things about Cosmopolitan magazine, but I think this one tweet says it better than I ever could: 

Exactly. Cosmo, you guys.

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But beyond the obvious editorial limitations inherent in trying to keep consistent with Cosmo's usual subject matter and tone, there is the whole thing about the Kardashians being legitimately important to quite a lot of Americans. Like it or not, for a lot of people, the Kardashians are sort of akin to American royalty -- fans obsess over their every move in the same way that Brits (and some Americans, too!) Keep Up With Kate Middleton & Ko. (Yeah, tell me you wouldn't watch that show!)

So yeah, maybe it seems outrageous to call the Kardashians the "First Family," and maybe it sort of is. But maybe it's also just a tongue-in-cheek cover of a magazine known for being really, really tongue-in-cheek, and maybe that's as deep as it goes.

(Which, if Kanye really does become president someday, will be pretty eerie in retrospect.) 

Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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