Mom Is Shut Down When She Calls for More 'Realistic' Halloween Costumes for Girls

tiaraIf you've ever been in the market for a little girl's Halloween costume, you know the options basically boil down to: 1. Princess, 2. Princess, and 3. Princess. It's enough to make you want to fire off an online complaint about girls' Halloween costumes -- but when one mom did exactly that, her post was promptly deleted by the company!


Lin Kramer was dismayed by what she found when she went on Party City's website looking for a costume for her 3-year-old daughter: Not only were there very few disguises in the "Career Costumes" category for girls, but those that were available seemed exceedingly feminized -- think frilly skirts for police officers and pink stripes for prisoners (um, since when is "prisoner" a "career"?!). You know, this kind of thing:

cop costume

So Kramer took to social media to express her discontent, writing the following (very eloquent, extremely rational) letter and posting it to Party City's Facebook page, as mentioned:

An open letter to #PartyCity:Dear Party City, Having just finished perusing your website for Halloween costumes for...

Posted by Lin Kramer on Monday, September 14, 2015

Makes a lot of sense, right? And the points she makes are truly sobering, especially the part about 30 percent of the costumes marketed to boys being based on occupations as opposed to just under 7 percent of the girls' costumes. (Is it any wonder the wage gap still exists?) 

But apparently Party City didn't see it that way, because according to Kramer, they deleted her comment -- and disabled her from commenting further! (Which seems like a really bad move from a customer service standpoint.) Kramer's voice was still heard by plenty of like-minded consumers, however, and they reacted big-time, plastering Party City's Facebook with comments about how wrong it was for them to block Kramer and how much they agreed with her sentiments. As one person wrote, "Lin Kramer had a point. I want to know why on earth you would sexualize little girls. That is not only wrong, it is dangerous in so many ways! #boycottpartycity #IstandwithLinKramer.”

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Since then, Party City has reinstated Kramer's commenting privileges, but they have yet to issue a statement regarding the incident. If they know what's good for their company, however, they will -- in fact, if they REALLY know what's good for their company, they'll follow Target's lead and remove gender labels altogether (the retailer recently stopped differentiating between toys for girls and boys).

If nothing else, Party City should at least consider, as Kramer suggested, offering girls "more realistic" versions of the same costumes targeted at boys. Because it's really hard to catch criminals in a frilly skirt.


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