Study Suggests Women Earn Less Because We Choose To (VIDEO)

It's no secret that on average, women earn just over three quarters what men do. Over the past few decades, we've debated it, protested it, and put numerous laws in place to combat it. But a recent study revealed exactly why women earn less than men -- we simply don't care to earn more.


Did we really need a study for this? We already know that all things being equal, woman earn more than men. Put any two people with similar work experience in the same field, and the woman is likely to earn more.

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But then we have this other statistic ... at Fortune 500 companies, women account for less than 5 percent of CEOs. What is the deal? Are we less ambitious? Less competent? Less capable? Or do we simply have different priorities than our male counterparts? 

Take look at this video to hear some fabulous women discuss what they think is going on here:

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I have finally come around to calling myself a feminist, but I'm still not upset that men as a whole earn more money than women. I'm thrilled that so many of my sisters have decided to stay home with their kids, or take less demanding jobs in order to raise families. That's what choice is about!

According to this study from Harvard Business School, women value power less than men, and therefore don't pursue it as fervently. Alison Brooks, a coauthor of the paper, told Bloomberg, "Women expect more stress, burden, conflicts, and difficult trade-offs to accompany high-level positions."

Um, yeah. Shouldn't everyone expect more stress, burden, conflicts, and difficult trade-offs the higher up they move on the corporate ladder? Why should women be handed a favor when it comes to extra responsibility alongside promotions and raises?

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The fact of the matter is that most women (not all -- and nothing is wrong with that, just looking at statistics here) are more concerned with balancing family and quality of life than the corner office. We're more likely to take jobs that let us be moms too, and men are more likely to spend those extra hours at the office in order to provide for their families.

So yeah, men earn more money than women. But until I see women being discriminated against for being female, instead of making their own choices to spend more time with their families and taking the inevitable financial hit for it, I'm not going to get upset about it.


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