Hillary Clinton Tells Lena Dunham Why She Turned Down Bill's Marriage Proposal -- Twice (VIDEO)

In a video to be distributed through her new newsletter LennyLetter, Lena Dunham sits down for an interview with Hillary Clinton and uses the opportunity to ask the presidential candidate about whether she felt anxiety about marrying Bill. Her response was refreshingly candid.


"I was terrified about losing my identity and getting lost in the kind of wake of Bill's force of nature personality," she says of his clear political ambitions. "I turned him down twice when he asked me to marry him."

She goes on to explain that she worried she would lose herself and her own sense of who she was if she entered into a marriage with a man like Clinton who attracted so much attention and spotlight.

Hillary is speaking directly to so many women in their 20s who today have even more choices and opportunities than Clinton did so many years ago. Does committing to a marriage mean breaking up with yourself and your own potential? Not necessarily.

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People has the entire Hillary Clinton interview with Lena Dunham, which will be sent to LemmyLetter.com subscribers on September 29, and reports that she goes on to advise women to put adequate thought into their choices, but to not be afraid to make their choice and move on with their lives -- which was how she ultimately handled the question of whether or not to marry Bill. 

Eventually, she adds, she said yes. "But it was a leap of faith, as most marriages are."

Yes, they are. And still, 40 years later, the Clintons' marriage has weathered scrutiny, triumph, tragedy, scandal, parenthood, and now grandparenthood. Theirs is a marriage that has been endlessly written and speculated about, and yet, here Hillary Clinton sits as the candidate to beat in the 2016 presidential elections. Yes, Hillary is a modern role model for women that you can have it all: marriage, babies, a career, and even the spotlight. You just maybe can't have all those things at the same time.

Here's a clip from the interview of Dunham asking Hillary if she considers herself a feminist. Duh! 


 Image via Hillary Clinton/Twitter

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