Donald Trump Linked Vaccines and Autism During the GOP Debate -- But Didn't Have the Last Word

The link between vaccines and autism came up during the recent GOP primary debate as candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson laid out their positions. But it was the mild mannered, soft spoken pediatrican Dr. Ben Carson who got the uncharacteristic last word on the issue.



Donald Trump expressed his concern about the aggressive vaccination schedules for kids today and wondered if that was behind an autism "epidemic."

Rand Paul, an eye surgeon said he's worried about how "bunched up" kids vaccines are and says he, like Trump, advocates for spreading out kids' vaccinations over a long period of time.

But while the other candidates, including Mike Huckabee hedged and wondered aloud about the dangers of vaccines, Dr. Ben Carson was the only candidate with absolutely no uncertainty about the matter.

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"We have extrememly well documented proof that there's no autism associated with vaccinations," Dr. Carson told the audience.

Even Trump didn't have a comeback for that and even took one final hit when Carson quipped about Trump, "He's an OK doctor."

And while topics like national security, taxes and immigration were definitely the most anticipated discussions of the evening, the fact that the debate over vaccines has grown to demand attention on the moment's biggest national stage indicates the debate is far from settled.

The good news is that no matter where you stand on the issue of vaccinations, there's likely a GOP candidate for you.


Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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