President Obama Invites 14-Year-Old Ahmed Mohamed & His 'Cool Clock' to the White House

Remember that time President Obama managed to fight racial stereotypes, encourage kids to study hard in school, show true patriotism, and jab Donald Trump all in one perfect tweet? That was today, actually, and it was awesome.


Thousands of people around the country have stood with Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old high school freshman who was arrested for a bomb hoax because he made a clock, and now Barack Obama has joined the ranks of his supporters.

You have to love that subtle dig at 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose campaign slogan is "make America great again." It's already great! And it's highly unlikely Trump is going to make it better, but that's a subject for another day.

Anyway, I love that Obama did this. Ahmed is obviously a smart kid with a mind for engineering, and no doubt this will motivate him to pursue his education even more emphatically.

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It's horrendously unfair what happened to this kid, and it's sad that adults couldn't see past his Muslim religion to see that he's terribly bright. How can kids be expected to trust authority figures when stuff like this happens?

I hope Ahmed gets to take his cool clock to the White House, and that this incident inspires other teens to keep creating and building.


Image via © Vernon Bryant/Dallas Morning News/Corbis

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