A Day in the Life of Donald Trump's PR Person (GIFs)

trumpYou might think your job is tough, but it could be worse: You could be Donald Trump's PR person. The mere thought gives you chills, right? Just imagine the stress of being tasked with the responsibility of cleaning up the presidential hopeful's many media missteps -- every day would feel like the hardest day of your career!


Consider, if you will, the exhaustingly thankless routine of the poor soul getting paid to make Donald Trump look good (?) on a daily basis. From the moment he or she wakes up in a panic-induced cold sweat to the moment his or her head hits the pillow in weary defeat, there must be a seemingly endless amount of fires in need of putting out -- and we're in the middle of a drought, too! 

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Of course we don't know Trump's rep personally, but we're betting a day in the life of his PR person looks a little something like this:

Wake up. Check email. Oh sweet lord no, the teleprompter broke during his speech and he improvised?!?! Why did I call in sick last night??

HE ACTUALLY REFERRED TO THEM AS "THE BLACKS"?! I can't even. Oh help me, it's too early for this! 

And he said what about dating his own daughter??

I never should have taken this job. What have I done?? And I'll never find another job now, not with the stain of Trump on my résumé. MY LIFE IS OVER.

Oh great, and now I'm supposed to comfort Trump, too?? 

And now I have to smile and nod my way through this rally ... wait a minute ... why are all these people clapping at everything he says?! Wow, I guess I'm REALLY good at my job after all.

Except apparently my boss doesn't think so, because he just pulled this one on me: 

Um, did he seriously just call me a "loser" and a "hater"?!

Yeah, whatever. WHATEVVVVERRRR. Soon as I sober up, gonna start looking for something better!!! Wait, Imma start writing a new cover letter right now. "Dear Hillary ... "

See? Your job really isn't that bad after all, is it?


Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

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