Clueless Guy Deserves to Be Shamed for Flirting on LinkedIn

Someone's been looking for love in all the wrong places. Twenty-seven-year-old lawyer Charlotte Proudman was not flattered when a man used LinkedIn to hit on her. He thought her profile photo made her look hot, and he told her so. Now is that so terrible?


"I appreciate that this is probably horrendously politically incorrect," Mr. Alexander Carter-Silk wrote, "but that is a stunning picture !!!" That's right, his admiration for her merited THREE exclamation points, so stunned was he. But Mr. Carter-Silk couldn't leave it at that. He went on to say, "You definitely win the prize for the best Linked in [sic] Picture I have ever seen."

And then the smitten man added a misspelled line expressing interest in working together. It's like he was so dazzled by Charlotte's gorgeousness he forgot how to spell anything, poor guy. 

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Cruel, heartless Charlotte responded with disdain. And then, so as to make an example of her hapless would-be suitor, she tweeted their exchange so that all might know that LinkedIn is NOT! Tinder. There is no swiping right, and there will be no hookups. This is a professional forum, or have we all forgotten?

Ooh, and she had to add that little dig about the guy's age, too! That hurts. He should be grateful Charlotte didn't mention his toupee as well.

Some people may think Charlotte's response was a little extreme. All Alexander wanted to do was flirt a little, and what does he get? This public shaming. But I think I'd be grossed out if this happened to me, too. Apparently it's such a problem, some women have started using unflattering photos for their LinkedIn profiles on purpose to discourage unsolicited flirting.

Getting hit on on LinkedIn is kind of like being offered ice cream in a public restroom. It's not that you don't like ice cream. It's just that you don't want it there

In a forum where women often struggle to be taken seriously it's discouraging to get drooled on like this. There should be SOME place online where you're safe from unwanted sexual attention.

Anyway, mostly I pity Alexander Not-So-Smooth-As-Silk. Sounds like he's pretty tone-deaf about how to talk with women in general. He probably misses the good old days when a man could get away with patting his colleague's pert derriere. The world is changing much too quickly for poor Mr. Carter-Silk. Perhaps he should retire.


Image via Syda Productions/shutterstock

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