Barbershop Refuses to Cut Women's Hair Because It's a 'Getaway' for Men

man getting shave at a barbershopBarbiere is a fancy barber shop in Pennsylvania, and they don't take too kindly to women showing up there. In fact, the shop was just fined $750 for refusing to cut a woman's hair who came in with her boyfriend after booking online. Guess she didn't see the cardboard sign on the door scrawled with "Girlz Keep Out!"


Only problem is that the barbershop isn't a 9-year-old's tree fort. It's a business and this is America and here you don't get to discriminate against women. Sorry.

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Barbiere -- which totally sounds like the name of a purse dog instead of some kind of manly inner sanctum, but whatever -- is owned by John Interval, who tells the Observer-Reporter the fine "infringes" on his rights. Why?

Because guys come here as a kind of little getaway to be around other guys.

Aw, aren't big man-babies so cute!

They even serve free booze to patrons if you promise not to tell your mommy. And a haircut is only $23. Sounds like a pretty good bargain if you're looking to pound a few beers on the cheap. Does this whole thing sound a little weird to anyone else?

Okay, well then take a look at this. An ad on the Barbiere website for something called "Grandpap Jack's Luxe Beard Butter" reads:

Dreamsicle: Is a sweet smelling concoction we came up with. Reminds you of a sunny day and drives the ladies crazy! This can will [sic] certainly aid in your struggle of where to put your own Popsicle.

Where to put your popsicle? Again, is this for 9-year-olds? They don't want ladies in their babershop so they can make grammatically incorrect wiener jokes? Barf. Go back to work.

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Here's another hilarious gem from the Barbiere site, a really lame reference to a woman's vagina that reads:

About Barbiere: Remember ... a little trim never hurt anyone!

Har. *eye roll*

The bad news is this isn't the 1800s, and ladies get to drive and vote and go wherever the hell they want to get their hair cut, including Barbiere if for some unknowable reason they have any interest in setting foot in that boys' locker room. If men need a place to go and get drunk and make penis jokes, the world is full of bars for that very reason.

If you're such a man-baby that you need the government to remind you that a business isn't a tree fort then maybe you shouldn't be in business to begin with. Grow up. Or we're going to call and tell your mommy.


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