Judge Refuses to Divorce a Couple, Because He's Still Mad About Same-Sex Marriage

divorce petitionNot content to be outdone by a Kentucky clerk, Tennessee judge Jeffrey Atherton upped the ante on pointless protests over the legalization of gay marriage by denying a couple's petition for divorce. A same-sex couple? Nope! Just an unfortunate heterosexual pair who wanted to split the sheet at time Atherton was all riled up about gay marriage. Change really is tougher on some people than others.


Judge Atherton gave a rambler of an explanation for his decision, but it amounts to this: If the Supreme Court can define what marriage is for the states, then they can just figure out how to define when a marriage ends, and get back to him when they've got it together up there in D.C.

In the meantime, while Judge Atherton demands his few minutes of national attention, 65-year-old Thomas Bumgardner and his 61-year-old wife Pamela will have to remain married. What makes it even worse is that he ruled against granting the divorce after hearing testimony from 7 witnesses and 77 exhibits. All of this took four long days. And at the end of this, Atherton says he just really thinks these two crazy kids oughta try and work it out.

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Yes, that's the advice he gave to two adults in their 60s with no kids between them who have been married since 2002. Maybe he should just take their word for it.

Judges aren't expected to agree with every single law on the books; they're expected to rule accordingly as closely as they can.

And so now, time and money and effort have been wasted on yet another protest against the legalization of gay marriage. But for every Kim Davis and Judge Atherton, there are millions of Americans who demand equal rights for everyone. And there are more of us than there are of you.

Now, can someone please get those poor people their divorce and let them move on with their lives already!?


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