Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Jailed After 'Morals' Kept Her From Issuing Marriage Licenses (VIDEO)

kim davisBy now, you probably know that Kim Davis is a Kentucky county clerk who sought a job issuing marriage licenses but, when faced with issuing marriage licenses for same-sex couples, just wasn't feeling it. In turn, Davis has now been jailed for contempt of court.


All because despite the Supreme Court's ruling making marriage equality the law of the land in June, Davis has decided that Jesus is the boss of her, and they had a talk, and he really hates the gays, so Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Rowan County, Kentucky.

But the true inspiration behind Kim Davis's hostile, bigoted, and illegal stance probably has nothing to do with religion or morals.

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There's nothing about Davis's background that would lead anyone to believe she's actually guided by any sort of deeply held moral conviction. Davis's sanctimonious views on marriage don't seem to extend to her own relationships. She's on her fourth marriage already. There's also a whole bunch of sordid stuff in her past about getting pregnant by one dude while being married to another, but we're not in the business of passing judgment on someone else's life, so we'll skip the dirty details. Just know that Davis is hardly some pious little church lady.

Poor Kim. She's got bad hair and a bad attitude and seems just completely clueless about why she's just about the most despicable person in America. Or is she?

Because while Davis is becoming the poster girl for the ugliest, most bigoted folks among us, she's also rising to hero status for the exact same group. You might think she's just some ridiculous, religious kook trying to make herself feel far more important than she is by wrapping her homophobia in fundamentalist Christian dogma. But she's a bright shining beacon of Christian values to a whole segment of the country.

And as Dan Savage pointed out, there's a big fat payday at the end of this for her, regardless of the fact that she's eventually gonna have to comply with the law. 

Evangelical presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has put out a statement applauding her unwillingness to follow the law and several court orders to do her job. You can bet it's only a matter of time before Davis will get a media makeover and start making the rounds on FOX and show up to Huckabee rallies. She'll get a book deal, and heck, maybe she can even score herself a spot on Dancing with the Stars!

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If we've learned anything from the jaw-dropping rise of the likes of Donald Trump with his racist propaganda, and the blatant homophobia of Kim Davis, there are plenty of Americans who are mad as hell about gay marriage and immigration and civil rights. And we do ourselves and our future generations a disservice by merely dismissing these folks as eccentric outliers. We need to stand up to these people and call them what they are: bigoted opportunists who are only trying to profit off of people's misguided rage.

We've got our eyes on you, Kim Davis. And while you might speak for a bigoted few, America is a country of equality and civil rights. You don't have to agree, you just have to follow the law. Do your job, Kim Davis -- or step aside.

Here's Davis denying marriage licenses in Rowan Country to same-sex couples.

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