Teacher Says She Was Fired for Having a Black Boyfriend & Associating With 'Those People' (VIDEO)

audrey dudekIt's a good thing we don't live in a world where a white teacher can be fired for having a black boyfriend, right? Except, oh wait -- that's exactly what one Florida high school teacher says happened to her, which is why she's now suing the district. (And if what she says is true, we don't blame her!)


Former Edgewater High School math teacher Audrey Dudek filed a lawsuit against Orange County Public Schools last week alleging that she was fired in 2013 for having a black boyfriend (now her husband). According to the lawsuit, the trouble started after Dudek ran into principal Michelle Erickson while she was out with her boyfriend:

"Upon encountering Dudek with her boyfriend, Principal Erickson appeared shocked and offended," the lawsuit states. "After that encounter, Principal Erickson treated Dudek differently."

The lawsuit also claims that school staff and administrators criticized Dudek for the "black music" she played in her classroom, and that on another occasion, complaints were made when Dudek was seen associating with a black security guard (after being reduced to tears by then-vice principal Anthony Serianni). The exact complaint, apparently, had to do with Dudek's seeming affinity for "those" people. Dudek also claims that she was subject to a racist skit featuring other staff members in "black face" and gold teeth.

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"It hurt tremendously," Dudek said. "Part of the reason you become a teacher is you don't see color -- a person is a person." 

Dudek's lawsuit seeks "unspecified compensation" for lost wages, emotional pain, and reputational injury; meanwhile -- unsurprisingly -- the district denied all of Dudek's claims in a statement. Here's more on the story:

And while I would love to believe that none of this is true, I suspect all of it is. Because the simple fact is that racism exists, and this kind of thing still happens all the time, even if we don't want to think about it. Of course the most upsetting part of all is that all of this happened at a school -- where young, impressionable minds should be learning tolerance, not the opposite. Here's hoping Dudek gets the justice she deserves, or that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. Doubtful, but oh well.


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