Twitter Patiently Explains #BlackLivesMatter to Elisabeth Hasselbeck (VIDEO)

Exactly no one should be surprised to hear that on Fox & Friends Elisabeth Hasselbeck wondered aloud why the Black Lives Matter movement hasn't been classified a hate group. Well heck, good question, E! Let's have Twitter answer for you.


After airing the most incendiary chants FOX News could find from a Black Lives Matter rally, Hasselbeck posed the question with her cohost Brian Kilmeade and conservative TV host Kevin Jackson: "Kevin, why has the Black Lives movement -- the Black Lives Matter movement -- not been classified yet as a hate group?"

Kevin replied that it's because it's a bunch of liberals funded by George Soros. (By the way, Ken Zimmerman, director of U.S. programs at Soros's Open Society Foundations, says the rumor is false.) 

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This is a milder version of how people felt when they first heard Hasselbeck's question.

One person helpfully pointed out that it could be because hate is what the movement is actually protesting against, so...

No hate crimes have been committed under the auspices of the movement or as part of its agenda.

Also Black Lives Matter is not a "group" as such with centralized leadership. Silly conservatives, thinking liberals are ever that organized! Instead it's a movement that started when three activists, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi, came up with the hashtag. It's since been used as an umbrella term for everything from protests to lectures to blogs. 

But if you want to point out people who promote hate, some think Hasselbeck has four more fingers pointing back at herself.

Nailed it, Jezebel!

And for that matter, you could say the network itself isn't in a position to point fingers, either. #hypocriticalmuch?

If you're finding this all difficult to follow there's a much simpler way to answer Hasselbeck's question.

In conclusion, SIGH. 



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