Texas Doctor Stands Up for Women With This Abortion Consent Form (PHOTO)

A woman seeking an abortion in Texas was given the most incredible note from her doctor informing her of state law that requires women seeking abortions to submit to an ultrasound and then have her fetus's development described to her in detail. The abortion Ultrasound Consent Form letter goes on to explain this doctor's very strong distaste for both these government mandates and interference between a doctor and patient.


The letter was posted to Reddit with this simple explanation. "I terminated a pregnancy for medical reasons last week," she wrote. "This is one of the consent forms I had to sign."

Here's the letter.

It's pretty clear from this that this is one doctor who is not amused by what they call "idealogues" who are "inserting themselves into our conversation."

Taking on a practice that takes care of women, especially one that offers abortion services, can't be an easy choice considering the stigma this kind of care carries with it for both the doctor and the patient. But this doctor doesn't seem afraid to take a clear stand against government interference in the doctor-patient relationship. And that's a good thing.

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Whether we're looking for a little nip-and-tuck or getting chemotherapy, it's important for us to be able to trust our doctors to put our care first. And keep their mouths shut. This is clearly a doctor who takes that responsibility seriously.

Still aren't buying it? OK, take all the awful abortion baggage out of it and just read the last line.

"It has always been my practice to fully inform my patients of everything they need and want to know," the form reads. "As long as I am your physician I will continue to provide that information and honor the sacred responsibility you've entrusted me."

Can you really ask a doctor for any more than that?


Images via Thomas Anderson/Flickr; Reddit/Imgur

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