First Republican Debate Is Even More Entertaining With ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Treatment (VIDEO)

Did you suffer through watching the first official debate for the Republican presidential candidates for 2016? I can ask that because I myself am a hardcore Republican, yet I found myself less than interested in it. Plus I think I had to work late that day. Skip it, because Bad Lip Reading dubbed the GOP debate, and it is so much better than the actual event.


I assume, I mean. I did mention that I didn't watch it, right? No matter, because gather together, conservative and liberal friends alike, and unite in the power of humor.

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Take a look, and especially watch after the two-minute mark to hear the candidates sing a special song each. Governor Chris Christie sings about ice cream, and it's all kinds of hilarious!

Now I know politics are a very serious subject, and that we need to use our brains and not just our funny bones when voting next year for a new president. But sometimes it's nice to remember that politicians are just human too, and anyone in the public eye can find themselves being mocked by Bad Lip Reading.


Image via Bad Lip Reading/YouTube

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