Megyn Kelly Didn’t Let Donald Trump's Sexist Comments Ruin Her Weekend at the Beach (Good for Her!)

megyn kellyDonald Trump is like a schoolyard bully: The only way to get him to leave you alone is to ignore him. And that's what FOX News's Megyn Kelly is doing in the wake of Trump's disgustingly rude comments about "blood coming out of [Kelly's] wherever."


ICYMI: Donald Trump went off on the only female FOX News moderator while talking to CNN's Don Lemon on Friday, saying:

"You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever."

Gross. Naturally, every thinking and/or sane person was horrified by Trump's comments, including, one would assume, Kelly herself. But even though Trump had ample opportunity to apologize for his remarks (which, for the record, he denies had anything to do with menstruation), he refused -- in fact, he even had the audacity to suggest that Kelly "should really be apologizing to me, to tell the truth."

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Well, Kelly is definitely not apologizing to Trump (for what??), but she's not stooping to his level, either. On the contrary, her response was the definition of class. On Monday's installment of The Kelly File, she started the show by saying:

We'll get to Missouri in a moment, but first: I just got back from a weekend at the beach with my husband and my three kids. Did anything happen in the news when I was gone? Did I miss anything? You may have heard that there was a dustup between yours truly and presidential contender Donald Trump. Mr. Trump was upset with a question I asked him at the debate last week about his electability and specifically comments he had made in the past about women. A few words on that: Apparently Mr. Trump thought the question I asked was unfair and felt I was attacking him. I felt he was asked a tough but fair question. We agreed to disagree. Mr. Trump gave interviews over the weekend that attacked me personally. I have decided not to respond.

Mr. Trump is an interesting man who has captured the attention of the electorate. That's why he's leading in the polls. Trump, who is now the front-runner, will not apologize. And I certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism. So, I'll continue doing my job -- without fear or favor. And Mr. Trump, I expect, will continue with what has been a successful campaign thus far.

This is a tough business, and it's time now to move forward. Let's get back to the news.

Well done, Megyn. I'll be honest -- I'm still not entirely sure what to think of Kelly. This is, after all, the woman who insisted that Santa Claus is white and suggested that racist corporate emails aren't that big of a deal. So as much as I want to believe she's someone we can look to as a voice of reason, I'm not quite there yet. Still, there's no question that she's handling this Trump debacle in exactly the right way, and that gives me some hope. Plus, her comments about Trump are dead-on: He's leading in the polls simply because he's interesting (read: entertaining). And it also gives me hope that someone in the mainstream media is saying so out loud.

Keep it up, Megyn!

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