George W. Bush Showed Up for Jury Duty & Made Everybody's Day (PHOTOS)

george bushBeing the former president of the United States comes with a lot of privileges, but getting out of basic civic duties is apparently not one of them! Just ask George W. Bush, who showed up for jury duty this week -- much to the surprise of his potential fellow jurors.


Who knew former presidents were even eligible for jury duty? Probably not the assembly of regular joes waiting to find out if their number was going to be called at the George Allen courthouse in Dallas, Texas, when a bunch of Secret Service guys showed up and started securing the entrances and exits. And then ... George W. Bush walked in! What??

I can't even imagine how bizarre that must have been: There you are, staring at the clock, wondering what's going on back at work and hoping for some reason they don't need you to serve after all, when suddenly George W. Bush appears! It's literally like some weirdo dream. 

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Except, according to the people who were actually there, the whole thing was actually pretty normal.

"We were sitting there, and the president, he was making a lot of jokes, and he had a lot of people laughing in there," said potential juror Joel Ehambe. Check it out:

That pic is worth so many, many words! And this one:

Judge Eric Moyé, meanwhile, was impressed with Bush's willingness to get down to work.

"He understood it was important. He took it in good nature, and he was engaged and talked to the lawyers," said Moyé.

As it turned out, Bush didn't get chosen to be on the jury anyway -- not because of his fame, but because there wasn't enough room for him. But at least he livened up everybody else's day -- and at least now we know that no one, in fact, is truly exempt from this dreaded obligation. 


Image via ST/Splash News

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