Leaving Pigs Feet in the Driveway of Cecil’s Killer Won’t Bring the Lion Back

lion killerIt's safe to say that the Minnesota dentist who illegally killed Zimbabwe's Cecil the lion is nobody's favorite person at the moment. But now outraged animal lovers are taking their frustrations out on Walter Palmer's $1.1 million vacation home using ... pickled pigs' feet?!


Yup, you read that right: Protesters have been targeting Palmer's Florida property since last week, starting out by leaving a slew of stuffed animals in the yard (which isn't so bad, really). But on Monday, they continued their efforts by scrawling "LION Killer" in spray paint on his garage door and leaving "at least" seven pickled pigs' feet (covered in hot sauce, no less) scattered across the driveway.

Okay, when you consider Palmer's crime, neither of those things are so bad either, really. I mean, none of it would even be that hard to clean up! (And the stuffed animals thing is actually sort of cute!) Plus, now that a security team has been hired to guard the house, it's doubtful the vandals will be back. Although if they did come back, what would they be armed with this time? Pickled pig snouts? Also covered in hot sauce? I feel like the protesters just had a jar of spicy pigs feet in the car and chucked it out the window as they drove by. More like littering than protesting, really. Meanwhile, back in Bloomington, Minnesota (Palmer's primary place of residence), protestors have been more serious, bombarding the dentist's office with phone calls, cramming his Yelp page with horrible reviews, putting up angry signs, and picketing. In fact, Palmer has shut down his dental practice as a result.

But while the public outrage following Cecil's death is certainly valid, I have to wonder what the point of any of these displays really might be. At this point, Palmer's got to be aware of how the world at large feels about him -- what with the death threats and Zimbabwe wanting to extradite him and all. (Palmer's hunting guide, meanwhile, is facing trial next month. According to Palmer, it was his guide's job to make sure the hunt was legal.)

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It just seems as if people's energies would be better spent working toward conserving lions (and other species), rather than attacking this one idiot dentist (whose career is probably ruined at this point anyway). For example, the company that makes Beanie Babies is coming out with a Cecil-inspired toy to raise money for wildlife conservation -- a slightly opportunistic but still somewhat well-meaning move that could certainly serve as inspiration to other companies. I mean, how hard would it be to slap a photo of Cecil on a T-shirt or a soda can or a popcorn bucket at the movies and throw a small portion of the proceeds toward conservation efforts? And instead of throwing pigs' feet at a dentist's house, how about starting a petition against poaching or even volunteering for an animal shelter?

Like your grandma always said, two wrongs don't make a right. Even if one of those wrongs is REALLY, REALLY wrong.


Image via INFphoto.com/Splash News

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