Happy Birthday, President Obama! We’ve Got Your Dos and Don’ts to Avoiding Total Dorkdom in the Coming Year

It's President Barack Obama's 54th birthday today! It looks like he's got a busy day filled with official duties. But we hope he has time to reflect on the coming year. In fact, we came up with a handy to-do (and not-to-do) list for Obama that we hope he'll consider.


The thing is, Obama is getting older. And we just want to help him stay a little cooler as he ages ... for the sake of his daughters. Here's what we suggest.

Obama's To-Do List for 2015/16

1. Sing more. Sure, it embarrasses his daughters, but when was the last time we had a president who wan't too stuffy to break into song? Never, that's when. More of this, please!

We also loved Obama's more sober rendition of "Amazing Grace."

2. Wear sunglasses more often. Aviators. This is a look that's working for you. Stop with the finger gun, though. 

3. Keep making that magical change happen. Same-sex marriage legalized, Obamacare upheld, trade deals ... Sure seems like you saved all your best tricks for the end of your term! Keep it up, Mr. President. You're not done yet.

4. Hug more koalas. Because they'll give you more love than your colleagues in Congress. 

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Obama's NOT-To-Do List for 2015/16

1. Avoid passing your crazy onto your kids. Obama told Marc Maron in his interview this June, "I've said this to Michelle. One of our biggest jobs as parents, because we're all a little bit crazy, is let's see if we can not pass on some of our craziness to our kids." Oof, good luck with that, Mr. President!


2. Don't let your girls grow up too fast. Another thing Obama mentioned to Maron is how Malia is starting to resent the limits Secret Service put on her. “I had to explain to her, ‘sweetie let me tell you something. If you think you’d be over at your friend's house until 11:30 PM and then I’d be coming to pick you up, you’re crazy. So, the only reason you’re out, is because you got a detail, otherwise you’d be home.” Oh, but now she's spending the summer in New York City, interning for the HBO's Girls -- yikes, she's only 17!

3. Never wear this khaki summer suit again. We mean it. 

4. Reel in the turkey jokes. Dad!!! (EYEROLL)

5. Don't lose your sense of humor. You're going to need it -- through the end of your presidency and beyond! Keep your sense of humor.



Images via WhiteHouse.gov; photo of Sasha and Malia Turkey Pardon via Mark Wilson / Staff / Getty Images

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