Key & Peele’s Insane Video About Teachers Will Make You Laugh-Cry

Are you excited about your kids' SCHOOL?!? The talented teachers! The thrilling teachable moments! It's so exciting! Imagine a new program that gives us the play-by-plays and coverage parents are hungry for: Key and Peele's "TeachingCenter."


What if cable news followed education with the same passionate fervor as ESPN's "Sports Center"? It would look like THIS. Full disclosure -- in case you hadn't already guessed, this is a parody video. Womp, womp.

 But! What if!

I know a lot of moms who actually do get this excited over their kids' education -- and maybe a handful of dads, too. But imagine what it would be like if all dads were as passionate about their children's schools as they are about their favorite sports? 

And what if we really did pay teachers like we play pro athletes? Because don't you think what they do matters just a little bit more? I mean, we'd want to reward truly talented teachers to make a difference in their students' lives, not just teachers who squeeze out higher test scores (zzz, we already kind of have that system going).

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If teaching became as prestigious and competitive and remunerative as pro sports (or law and banking, for that matter) we'd be investing a whole lost more in training teachers and we'd attract incredible talent. We already do -- my kid's teachers have been astonishing. But we need MORE of those high-caliber teachers.

I found myself laugh-crying when I watched this and not just because it's funny. I guess a part of me wishes we were this invested in our kids' education. You have to stay to the car ad at the very end. I don't want to give too much away. Just ... wow.


Image via Comedy Central

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