This Big Strong Man Can't Last 10 Minutes in a Hot Car So Stop Leaving Your Dog There (VIDEO)

tyrann mathieu

As cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals, Tyrann Mathieu is certainly used to enduring blistering temperatures -- but even a professional athlete with the ability to block touchdowns in the hot desert sun apparently can't tolerate sitting in a car with the windows up on a summer day. Still, that's exactly what Mathieu did in a video produced by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and he did it to make a very important point: Don't. Ever. Leave. Your dog in the car when it's hot outside!


It's a truly admirable effort -- not to mention an effective strategy for demonstrating the horrifying consequences of making one of the worst mistakes any dog owner can make. Watching Mathieu essentially bake (and sweat, and sweat!) in a completely sealed car as the temperatures rise is disturbing, to say the least, particularly when one considers the fact that dogs die under those exact torturous circumstances every year (no numbers are available on how many animals suffer that fate exactly, but the only acceptable number would be zero!).

"I seriously couldn't imagine leaving my dog in a car like this," says Mathieu as the car's internal temperature climbs -- rapidly! -- to 120 degrees. "If you're going to make a dog a part of your family, then make it a part of your family."

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Indeed. Watch the whole experiment here -- by the end, Mathieu can barely make it out of the car!

Yiiiiiiiiiikes. I don't know about you all, but I'm sold. Not that I have a dog, and not that I'd ever consider doing this to a dog if I had one, but still. Another bonus feature of this video is the reminder to all of us to always intervene if we see a dog locked in a hot car, because every second counts. (According to PETA's website, animals can sustain brain damage or die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes in a hot car!)

Good on you, Tyrann Mathieu, for putting yourself through hell to remind us!


Image via PETA/YouTube

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