You Don't Have to Be Anti-Gun to Think These iPhone Cases Are a Horrible Idea

Have you heard about the iPhone gun case? Senator Chuck Schumer of New York has called for a ban on them, and while I don't think they should be banned per se, I do think they're a ridiculously stupid idea. I'm pro-gun, and even pro–toy gun, but this is something else entirely.


Just take a look at these things:

What the what? They look real enough that I would be seriously concerned if I walked by someone holding one to their head, talking casually into it. Or seeing it stuck casually out of a back pocket. 

While I may be 100 percent pro-guns, and even think concealed carry is a great idea, I also think that firearms need to be treated with respect. This just seems to be a casual disregard for them!

The phone cases are made to resemble a 9 mm handgun, and could even be purchased along with an app to make your phone screen look like the barrel of a gun. What if someone carrying a weapon mistook someone waving one of these around as the real thing, and drew their weapon themselves?

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Now if it were a real gun, and there was a real threat, then awesome. But why go there in cases like this? It's just totally and completely stupid. Obviously no one will mistake it for an actual weapon if they look at it closely, but sometimes adrenaline pumps, and you'd rather be safe than sorry. I'd be more worried about law-abiding citizens getting in trouble for drawing weapons needlessly than anything else.

And it does nothing to teach our kids to respect guns. They are dangerous weapons and should not be taken lightly.

Amazon has responded to the controversy by pulling the products from their shelves, and eBay has removed listings for the iPhone gun case. As they should -- like I said, I'm not for making something as silly as this "illegal," but the fact that it was even manufactured at all is ridiculous.

What do you think of the iPhone gun case?


Image via David Nelson/Twitter

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