'Photoshop the Nipple' Campaign Shows Absurdity of Banning Breasts (PHOTOS)


Quick, what's the difference between a man's nipple and a woman's nipple? (Okay, besides the minor fact that one serves a purpose and the other one is merely decorative.) Answer: nothing. Not a thing. They look pretty much the same, which is the point California artist Micol Hebron is trying to make with his exceedingly clever "Photoshop the Nipple" image


Inspired by the #FreeTheNipple movement (a celeb-powered response to social media services like Facebook and Instagram's perplexing policies regarding the apparent obscenity of the female nipple, particularly when engaged in the act of breastfeeding), Hebron actually created "Photoshop the Nipple" over a year ago -- but it's just now picking up some steam thanks to the support of musicians Our Lady J and La Sera. And with good reason! A "template" encouraging people to just copy and paste a photo of a male nipple over any potentially "offensive" female nipples in social media posts, the image truly does illustrate the complete and utter pointlessness of the whole controversy:

I think it's complete bullshit. Nipples are apart of the body everyone has Nipples it's no secret but why is it not okay for girls to show them but it's fine for guys. #freethenipplecampaign #malenipples

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It's sort of hilarious how it seems like it's staring at you, right? Look at a nipple long enough and it almost seems like it has a face. Anyway. Pro-nipple types far and wide have been putting Hebron's idea to brilliant use, plopping nipples on top of nipples (and other random stuff, too) all over the place. Here's one example:

Then we have this good-time pair -- the couple that rocks faux nipples together stays together!

These guys look pretty fun to hang with, too (and they make a damn good point!):

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So you see: A nipple is a nipple is a nipple. We all have them, they're all pretty weird-looking (truth be told), and they're only good for a couple of things, really. (Like, um, sustaining the life of a child?? No big thang.) So it would be nice if we acknowledged them for those things instead of shaming the poor defenseless body parts (not to mention their owners). Free the nipple, sure, but more importantly? Give the nipple some cred. Don't recoil in horror and/or uncontrollable lust, people! (Mostly because I hate making my baby hide in a tent whenever he needs to nurse in public, but whatever.)

Will you make use of the "Photoshop the Nipple" template?


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