Navy SEAL Has a Problem With Caitlyn Jenner's Underwear & Here's Why

Caitlyn Jenner made headlines when she came out as a transgender woman, but did she do it in the right way? While she's gotten a lot of praise for her Vanity Fair cover, there are some people who have a big problem with how it was done. One former SEAL Team Six member who now identifies as female has spoken out about it, and why she has a problem with Caitlyn's underwear.


Kristin Beck is a Democrat running for Congress in Maryland's fifth district, but until two years ago, she was known as Christopher. During her 20 years in the service, she earned a Purple Heart and Navy SEAL Trident, and after serving 13 tours overseas, she retired from the military and began working at the Pentagon as a civilian in technology research and development.

The 49-year-old even acknowledges that she knows she can rock a short skirt. "I have pretty long legs; I can't help it," she laughed. "I mean, I was a swimmer for 20 years."

So what's the problem with Caitlyn's cover? Beck said that she felt like she missed an opportunity to reach other transgenders who may be suffering.

She explained, "Bruce Jenner was my hero in the '70s. I think I still have one of his Wheaties boxes in my parents' old house ... And today, when I see Caitlyn Jenner, I'm rooting for her. I love the fact that there's all this publicity and it's making people ask a lot of questions. But I want them to ask the right questions."

Beck continued, "Being on the cover like that -- in her underwear -- I just don't really appreciate that image. That's not what a hero should look like."

She went on to elaborate that the suicide rate for transgender youth is "somewhere between 40 and 60 percent," and that it may be tough for them to see the conversation focused on "surgically achieved magazine-cover perfection."

"Can you imagine half of a whole population looking at suicide as the only alternative? These kids need to see a lot more than just a model on the cover, and surgeries and outer shells. We can save lives," she said.

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As gender transitioning becomes more and more culturally accepted, Beck hopes that her story will become a norm instead of a novelty. And she doesn't want you to vote based on that fact alone. "I appreciate that my name is out there," she said. "But if you're voting for me just based on being transgender, that's not what I want. Vote for me based on my platform, my honesty, my loyalty to country, and my passion to try to fix things."

Even though she had mixed feelings about the magazine cover, Beck said, "I just want Caitlyn Jenner to show the world the depth of who we are -- more than the physical changes and all this junk. I want it to be a bigger message because there's too much ignorance out there and society's just so mean."

Do you think Beck makes a good point about Caitlyn's bustier?


Image via Kristin Beck/Instagram

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