Confederate Flag Needs to Come Down -- Now

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For those of us who didn't grow up in the South, the sight of a Confederate flag has always been somewhat jarring -- like an inappropriately out-of-place reminder of a past we still need to fully put behind us. But in places like South Carolina, where white supremacist Dylann Roof allegedly killed nine black people in a church last week, the Confederate flag still flies high (even though, following the murders, the U.S. and South Carolina flags flew at half staff over the state's Capitol). But that could change, thanks to the #TakeDowntheFlag campaign.


A Move On petition to have the Confederate flag removed from the South Carolina state Capitol in the wake of the killings, the campaign is picking up a lot of steam. President Obama supports the flag's removal, saying it "belongs in a museum;" NAACP President Cornell Brooks called the banner an “emblem of hate.” Mitt Romney made headlines with his tweet:

But perhaps comedian John Oliver put it best, saying, “The Confederate flag is one of those symbols that really should only be seen on T-shirts, belt buckles and bumper stickers to help the rest of us identify the worst people in the world."

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Of course, not everyone agrees with the movement. GOP presidential candidates former Sen. Rick Santorum (Pa.) and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee say it's a state issue and South Carolina should do what it wants; 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) called the Confederate flag “part of who we are” as South Carolinians. 

So this particular battle hasn't been won quite yet. But considering the flag's history, and the fact that Roof reportedly drove a car with a Confederate flag license plate and stickers, it seems unbelievably disprespectful to keep the banner flying at the South Carolina state Capitol. Never may it wave.

Do you think the Confederate flag should be removed from the South Carolina state Capitol?


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