Salon Responds After Dad Wouldn't Let Gay Stylist Cut His Son's Hair

A Welsh hair salon has banned racists, sexists, homophobics, and other "a**holes" from the establishment, after a father refused to let one of the stylists cut his son's hair because the man appeared to be gay. Owner Russell Hughes had enough of that, and put a sign up refusing service to bigots.


Hughes, who has owned and operated Russell Paul Hairdressing in Prestatyn, North Wales for 14 years, said that a man recently came in with his son, who appeared to be about 10 years old. When he asked for his son's hair to be cut, Hughes asked his colleague Richard Evans to do it.

He described what happened next: "The man came up to me at that point and said: 'I'm not being funny but did you just say that lad's going to cut my son's hair,' to which I replied 'yes.' He then said, 'Well I assume he's gay and I don't want him cutting my lad's hair so could you do it,' to which I said no because I'm gay as well."

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Whoops! Just goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover! Hughes said that the man left instead of getting his son's hair cut, but the incident left the stylists so shaken, that they decided to ban this man's kind from their shop, and put up this sign:

Ha! It looks like they had the last laugh after an upsetting experience. Evans reportedly said about the incident, "I was so shocked. You don't expect to be treated like that in this day and age ... I've worked at the salon for seven years and have never experienced anything like that before. I think Russell's new sign will make sure people like that don't come in here again."

I bet it drums up a fair amount of new business for them too.

What would you think if you saw this sign in a shop window?


Images via Russel Paul Hairdressing/Facebook

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