Hillary Clinton Joins Instagram: Which 2016 Candidate Is Winning the Race for Best Insta? (PHOTOS)

hilary clinton instagramJust when you thought your Instagram stream was safe: Here come the presidential candidates! No 2016 contender stands a chance until they start 'gramming with the rest of us. In fact, just a few short hours ago Hillary Clinton posted her first Instagram photo -- and it's perfect.


Clinton flexed her dry wit by referencing both her new memoir, Hard Choices, and her penchant for patriotic pantsuits. Please note that her bio reads, "Doting grandmother, among other things. #Hillary2016"

Hard choices.

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Haha, good one, Ms. Clinton! You win for "Wittiest Debut." But let's check out some of your fellow candidates.

Also running on the Dem ticket (and my 11-year-old's pick) is Bernie Sanders. He wins for "Cutest Supporter" -- besides my son, of course.

But Rick Santorum gets "Best #Foodporn" for this brunch dish, his family's Easter lasagna-making station, and his kids' Easter eggs. But I've gotta say, these eggs Benedict betray (har!) his need to work on his food photography skills. 

The traditional Easter brunch in our family - homemade Eggs Benedict

A photo posted by Rick Santorum (@ricksantorum) on

This photo on Marco Rubio's stream is winning for "Most Likely to Be Confused With a Failing Retail Site."

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A photo posted by Marco Rubio For President (@marcorubiofla) on

I know Rick Perry's solemn Memorial Day photo is supposed to remind us of our fallen vets, but with his head in the way and that text it wins for "Best Reminder of Your Last Presidential Bid."

And while other Republican candidates were content to post just one photo of former president Ronald Reagan on his birthday, Ted Cruz has posted at least four by my count. And! He baked Reagan this birthday cake. So he's winning "Self-Appointed Heir Apparent to Papa Reagan" for now. Competition could get stiff. 

And here's Jeb Bush, gunning for "Most Likely to Align Himself With His Dad Instead of His Brother, Whatshisname."

So happy I got to see Mom and Dad before the speech. They're looking good!

A photo posted by Jeb Bush (@jebbush) on

Let the Instagram campaign begin! We can't wait to see what else the candidates post.

Are you going to follow any of the candidates' Instagram streams?


Image via Hillary Clinton/Instagram


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