6 Women Who Really Don't Want Bill Clinton Back in the White House

paula jonesDroves of women are super excited about backing Hilary Clinton for President. But not Paula Jones. Nope, she's campaigning to keep Hilary out of the White House. And it's all Bill's fault.


Over 20 years ago Jones sued then-President Clinton for sexual harassment (from when he was governor of Arkansas). Her case led to the whole Monica Lewinsky investigation/mess. 

Now Jones tells the Daily News she's afraid if Bill Clinton is in the White House again as First Husband he'll exploit his position at the expense of innocent young women. "Don't let Bill back in the White House," she pleads. "He abused women and he'll do it again."

Aw heck, this is exactly what we feared would happen if Hilary ran for president: The ghosts of Bill's past are coming back to haunt them. I mean, think of all the other women who probably don't want him back in the White House.

bill clinton

1. Monica Lewinsky

monica lewinsky

Lewinsky has lately been talking about public shaming and the harsh treatment of young women who get caught up in sex scandals. She's reclaimed her voice and her dignity, and she'd probably love it if she never had to hear the name "Clinton" ever again.

2. Gennifer Flowers

wilting flower

Alas, Bill Clinton did have sexual relations with that woman, Gennifer Flowers. And then she had to go and write about it because duh, we wanted to know more. But she's out of material, and she's not likely to gather more this time around. 

3. Kathleen Wiley

bad kiss

Former White House aide Wiley claims Clinton assaulted her, embracing her tightly and kissing her on the mouth. And she did not like it! No she did not. Linda Tripp says Wiley was totally flirting with Bill all the time, though, because Linda is a forever high school sophomore.

4. Linda Tripp


Oh Linda. Linda, Linda, Linda. Sigh.

5. Hilary Clinton

hilary clinton

Don't get me wrong -- she values him as an adviser. He's an extremely powerful ally. But he's also a terrible liability. Would anyone blame her if she maybe kinda sorta filed for divorce a week before getting sworn in? I think our nation would forgive that.

What other women don't want Bill Clinton back in the White House?


Image via Lawrence Schwartzwald/Splashnews

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