Student's Prayer at High School Graduation Goes Viral for All the Right Reasons (VIDEO)

A teenager's prayer at his graduation ceremony has gone viral, and this time, it's for all the right reasons. Senior Christian Crawford had the opportunity to take the stage when an audience member succumbed to a  medical emergency, and instead of being reprimanded for praying out loud, he's being commended.


Last Thursday night, Clay-Chalkville High School in Alabama held it's graduation ceremony, which Crawford opened with a prepared prayer. Yes, apparently there are still schools in America that allow this.

According to the Trussville Tribune, the ceremony moved along smoothly until just after the graduated began to receive their diplomas, and someone shouted, "Medic! Medic! Medic!" in the crowd. As the woman was being attended to, school librarian Shannon Petty asked Crawford to take the stage again and lead the whole group in prayer for her.

What followed was an unbelievable, unscripted prayer that sounded like it came from a seasoned pastor rather than from a teenage boy. And the greatest part is that Crawford doesn't want any credit for his eloquent and moving words -- he says it was all God through the Holy Spirit.

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On Monday morning, he told Fox & Friends, "I said, 'Lord, let your will be done.' I opened up my mouth and God began to speak through me ... I cannot take any credit for what God is doing through me for His glory."

Take a look at Crawford's speech and try not to be moved and amazed by his conviction.

He focused his prayer on God being a fixer, and asked that He fix and heal the women who collapsed. "We ask that whatever is going on that you will fix it. We know that you can make the way," he said, "You are a God who is a healer, the fixer Jesus."

"After I finished praying, that was it, I knew God was going to do his job," Crawford told the Trussville Tribune. "We had 1,000-plus people there, so I know he heard our prayer, and I got an update on the [victim] and she's doing fine."

Thank God for that, and thank God for young people who are not afraid to proudly and passionately share their faith. With so much political correctness going on these days, it's amazing to see a young man applauded for a beautiful prayer -- even if it happens to have taken place at a public school.

Would you be offended if a student prayed like this at a high school graduation you attended?


Image via Trussville Tribune/YouTube

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