Ireland Legalizes Same Sex Marriage: 10 Celebrity Celebratory Tweets

marriage equalityIreland scored big today when it comes to love. The country has become the first to have marriage equality through a ballot vote. And the vote was overwhelmingly in favor. Today is a beautiful day! And while I do think this should have happened long ago and everywhere, this is a celebration in honor of love. Only one of Ireland's 43 constituencies were against legalizing marriage equality -- Roscommon-South Leitrum. And I'm calling them out because they need to get with it. Even the archbishop in Dublin is in favot and noted that the Catholic church should wake up. Many of our favorite celebrities took to Twitter to voice their joy. Check out what Miley Cyrus, Russell Crowe, Hillary Clinton, and others had to say.


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Neil Patrick Harris

Miley Cyrus

Russell Crowe


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Ellen Degeneres

Caroline Rhea

Hillary Clinton

Sam Smith

Christina Applegate

Even God!

What do you think of Ireland's move for marriage equality? What country do you think will be next?


Image via Suzette Franck/Flickr

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