Leaked Memo Shows How 'Breastaurants' Like Twin Peaks Objectify Men, Too

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If you're like most women, the very idea of "breastaurants" like Hooters probably makes you lose your appetite. A bunch of beer-guzzling Neanderthals demanding fried food from scantily-clad waitresses who are most likely working their way through college? No Buffoon Buffalo Wings for me, thanks. But according to a leaked memo from Texas-based chain Twin Peaks, it turns out men have good reason to be offended by establishments that aim to make a buck off of blatant gender stereotypes, too.


Founded in 2005 as a raunchier alternative to the aforementioned Hooters, Twin Peaks has already been in the news recently because of a deadly biker gang shoot-out at their Waco, Texas location. And now, on the heels of that disaster, another PR nightmare: An "internal branding memo" leaked by an anonymous employee that pretty much lays out the chain's entire marketing strategy, which sends an extremely clear message about their target demographic being cave men who only care about cold beer and looking at boobs. Or, in their words, "guys-guys who deserve better food, colder beer and love to have their egos stroked by beautiful girls." (They DESERVE to have their egos stroked?!) But this excerpt is the best (worst!) part:

Raving Fan Identity: (What our customers would love to say about themselves)

I am the man ... I believe in freedom, bacon, working hard and playing harder. I like attention from beautiful girls and being recognized in front of the guys. I got game! I deserve to drink cold beer and watch the game without being asked what I'm thinking. Now get me a beer ... pretty please?

Um, wow. So at first glance, your reaction is probably one of disgust at the thought of these "raving fans" and concern for any poor girl who should happen to cross paths with one of them. But when you think about it, those "raving fans" are being victimized here, too. When we reduce men to these primitive stereotypes, we encourage them to act horribly -- and discourage them from evolving past the cave man stage in the process. And if that recent shoot-out isn't proof of the potential consequences of this type of thinking, I don't know what is. (The Waco location of Twin Peaks, it bears mentioning, has since been shut down.) 

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Both men AND women deserve better than this oversimplified objectification. Sure, it's easy to write off places like Twin Peaks as "harmless" fun (I guess) -- and people are free to patronize any type of establishment they want -- but paying customers should know that they're forking over their hard-earned cash to a company who thinks they're basically a bunch of misogynistic idiots. Who really, really like beer.

What do you think about "breastaurants" like Twin Peaks?


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