Barack Obama’s New Twitter Account Is Already Too Good Not to Follow

obama on twitterYou may have heard by now, President Obama is now on Twitter. Took him long enough! The POTUS sent his first tweet yesterday, and so far the reception on Twitter has been warm and welcoming. 


Just kidding! Obama's presence on Twitter brought out the worst in his most virulent, unashamedly racist troll haters. (Way to represent yourselves, mouthbreathers! #NeverChange) But it also encouraged some actual wit and hilarity which we can actually repeat here.

Anyway, here's the president's first tweet:

Former POTUS Bill Clinton was quick to welcome Obama to Twitter with a transparently opportunistic question.

Heh, good one Bill.

Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that once you follow Obama on Twitter you'll have unfettered access to him. Patton Oswalt is already pestering the president with his inane observations. 

And here's Arianna Huffington, suffering from the same delusion that she's got the president's ear now. 

People, none of us are about to become Obama's new best friend, okay? Don't you remember how Twitter works?

Of course you do.

But apparently Obama knows enough about Twitter to block the meninists.

You're next, Piers Morgan.

Meanwhile, Vice President Biden watches from the shadows.

Are you going to follow @POTUS?


Image via White House/Twitter



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