Bill O’Reilly Accused of Domestic Abuse – Why Is He Still on TV?

bill o'reilly Gawker is reporting that Bill O'Reilly has been accused of domestic abuse in a custody battle between the TV host and his ex-wife, Maureen McPhilmy. The details are shocking. But they come in a long line of reported violent and inappropriate behavior that makes us wonder, why does anyone still even watch this man's show anymore? What's wrong with us?


According to an unnamed source, a court-appointed forensic examiner testified that O'Reilly's 16-year-old daughter claimed she witnessed her father dragging her mother down the stairs by her neck. O'Reilly released a statement through his attorney denying the violence:

All allegations against me in these circumstances are 100% false. I am going to respect the court-mandated confidentiality put in place to protect my children and will not comment any further.

The court sided against O'Reilly, granting custody of the divorced couple's children to their mother. Of course, this is not proof that O'Reilly abused his wife. But the accusation is sadly believable, given his history.

1. There was O'Reilly's class-act super-professional "we'll do it live" freakout on Inside Edition

2. There was that time O'Reilly's producer sued him for sexual harassment.

3. Closer to the case, O'Reilly tried to get his wife ex-communicated from the Catholic church.

4. He pressured the Nassau County Police Department to waste resources with an internal affairs investigation of detective Jeffrey Gross when he found out his ex-wife was dating him.

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5. He violated his original custody agreement with his wife to the extent that a New York appeals court ruled that his behavior "could undermine the integrity" of the agreement

6. He hired as a full-time nanny the child therapist who was supposed to be a neutral mediator in his custody arrangement. The nanny took over all his parental responsibilities.

Meanwhile in TV land, as Gawker points out, O'Reilly has raked in the ratings yelling about how violent racial minorities are, and about how black families lack stability because of absentee fathers

O’Reilly’s lack of response is especially worth noting. The anchor has spent his highly remunerated career obsessing over patterns of violence among racial minorities, particularly black people, and the apparently unique effect of violence on the integrity of black families. As he fulminated on-air in December 2014: “The astronomical crime rate among young black men—violent crime—drives suspicion and hostility. ... No supervision, kids with no fathers—the black neighborhoods are devastated by the drug gangs who prey upon their own. That’s the problem!”

Or, as O’Reilly claimed in August: “The reason there is so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration of the African-American family.”

Not that he would know anything about that, right?

What does it say about us that O'Reilly has such a strong fan base? He projects his faults and failures on a minority community in front of a television audience. And that audience laps it up. Why do we need O'Reilly's hate so much? Why does it make so many people feel good? 

If it turns out that O'Reilly really did drag his wife down the stairs by her neck it probably won't hurt his career a whit. If anything his fans will probably defend him, crowing that she must have done something to deserve it. Well then, enjoy your anger clown, folks. He doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

How not surprised are you to hear O'Reilly has been accused of domestic abuse?


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