Woman Charged After Allegedly Faking Cancer So She Could Get an Abortion

We all have to make difficult choices sometimes, but there are some things that are completely unfathomable. For instance, a woman was recently charged with lying about having cancer in order to have a state-funded, late-term abortion in Arizona.


Apparently Chalice Renee Zeitner, 29, convinced a Phoenix hospital in 2010 to abort her late-term fetus because she had cancer. She was arrested last Friday in Columbia County, Georgia, where she's been living under a fake name.

According to the Arizona attorney general's office, she is being accused of "felony charges of theft, fraudulent schemes and artifices, forgery and taking the identity of another person or entity."

In 2010, she was enrolled in the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, which allowed her to have the costs of her abortion charged to the state, as the guidelines say that abortion is only permissible on said plan if the life of the mother was in danger. And here people said that Obamacare wouldn't cover state-funded abortions.

Zeitner allegedly "presented information" to her doctor that she had stage 4 sarcoma, and was going to resume treatment in Boston, including the removal of tumors in her abdomen and lower spine.

Prosecutors say that Zeitner falsified medical documentation, and when the doctor she listed as treating her was contacted, he denied even knowing her, let alone treating her purported cancer.

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How the heck does this even happy? Are we so eager to give women the right to choose that we'll allow something like this to happen? Why was the doctor not contacted before they ended the life of that poor baby, who more likely than not would've been viable outside of the womb?

She claimed she had tumors -- did no one do an ultrasound? Did her life appear to be in danger, as in a life-threatening emergency that would mean the life of her child would have to be ended in order for her to survive? Or did they just take her on her word that she had cancer?

This whole case is just sick and wrong, and clear indication of our need to really examine the facts when it comes to late-term abortion.

Does this story horrify you?


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