Conservative’s #HowToSpotAFeminist Challenge Gets Hijacked in the Funniest Way

strong womanConservative radio host Doc Thompson set some tempting bait when he called for tips on #HowToSpotAFeminist via Twitter. The challenge was supposed to set the stage for a discussion on Glen Beck's The Blaze -- but instead it sparked something way more fun.


Here's the challenge Thompson issued on Sunday. Naturally there were plenty of snarky anti-feminist replies, exactly what he was looking for.

But then feminists picked up on the hashtag and started playing with it. First came the obvious responses. And that's good. We have to start somewhere.

It's not like there's a uniform or anything. We're just people who want equality. 

Did you know feminists have secret beauty treatments? Someone let the cat out of the bag here.

Because men can be feminists, too -- and we appreciate them.

There were several super-literal weight training-related responses, which seemed appropriate. Feminists are strong women, after all. And yeah, we could use a spot at the gym every now and then.

Seriously, guys, get with the program.

Feminists are women of mystery, of stealth and cunning! Just kidding, we're wide out in the open. But this one's funny.

Feminists are eating all of the cookies, and that's why misogynists get so upset. Finally, we understand.

Here comes a guy trying to get his brothers in line. Good luck with that! It's a lost cause. But thank you for caring.

But seriously, why all the backlash against equality? What's really behind that? This woman has a compelling theory.

Aw yeah, blame it on the woman! Blame is on mom, every time.

Finally, someone came out with the truth feminists' true colors.

Feminists, your secret is out!

Why do you think some people are so threatened by feminism?


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