Fox News Host's 'Outrageous' Abortion Comments Make Sense to Me

Oh goody. A conservative said something controversial about abortion, so now obviously he's an idiot and y'all need to hide your birth control pills, because the GOP is coming for them! Or something. Dr. Keith Ablow said on Fox News on Tuesday that "men should be able to veto women’s abortions."


Ablow has never been one to shy away from stating his outrageous opinions while on the air (remember when he said Michelle Obama needed to lose a few pounds?), and he did not hold back on May 5.

During an appearance on Outnumbered, Fox News' resident psychiatrist got into a discussion with the other hosts about the custody rights of Sofia Vergara's frozen embryos she had created with ex-fiance Nick Loeb.

Loeb is suing Vergara for the embryos, because he says he'd like to raise the child or children himself, despite having an agreement that they'd only implant the babies if they both agreed. Since they've broken up, and she's now engaged to Joe Manganiello, it's unlikely she wants a child with Nick.

I am just going to put out there that as a warrior for the pro-life cause, I have no idea what to do in these cases. I love that modern medical technology helps people have children, who might not be able to otherwise. I do believe life begins at conception. I do not know what to do with leftover embryos. I just don't.

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But anyway, let's not get into a conversation on the morality of pro-creating outside of the old-fashioned way, let's talk about the comment that everyone jumped all over immediately.

Dr. Ablow commended Loeb, and said "Good for him ... Why would a woman's right to decide what to do with a frozen embryo trump a man's right every time?"

He continued, "If he wants to bring these embryos to term, good for him. He wants to parent. If he wants to have them adopted, good for him. You know what, it's not a coin toss. It's whoever wants that potential being to survive, that's who wins."

Again, I'm not sure I agree with him here. But here's something I do agree with, as crazy as it sounds. He went on to say, "I've been outspoken on this, I think men should be able to veto women's abortions if they're willing to care for the child after it's born."

It all comes down to what you believe a woman should be allowed to do with her body. I'm totally pro-choice here. Have sex, use protection, don't use it, whatever! It's your body. Use it as you see fit. But be prepared to deal with the consequences of how you use your body. I think most of us are aware that abstinence is the only 100 percent effective method of birth control.

Once you get pregnant, it stops being about you, and ending a pregnancy ends the life of a child. Not an old wives tale -- it's science. Abortion ends a life.

We spend so much time talking about women's rights, but what about men's rights? They may not have expected to have a child, but what the heck is man who wants the child supposed to do when the mom decides to abort it? He has no say over the life of his child? What the heck?

It just doesn't seem fair that women get say over the lives of their unborn children, and men don't even get a vote.

Watch the segment here, and see what you think of Keith Ablow's harsh comments.

Do you agree or disagree?


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