Amy Schumer's 'Republican-Approved' Birth Control Ad is Hilarious & Totally Scary (VIDEO)

As a woman, if you ever feel like the entire world gets to weigh in on your reproductive choices, well, you're not alone. Comedian Amy Schumer feels the same damn way! Schumer, who is making a name for herself with her feminist-branded comedy, highlights the ridiculous reality that men get such a say over what women do with their bodies -- while we get no say with what they do with theirs.


As we know, Republicans have slowly been chipping away at a woman's reproduction freedom for years -- and done a damn fine job of it. Whether it's abortion, Plan B, or even birth control, Republicans have made sure that women either can't get access to these fundamentals, or will have an incredibly difficult time of it.

Amy's solution? A parody of a Republican-approved birth control ad. Hey, as long as women make certain they ask every man within a 50 mile radius if it's okay if she takes birth control, will that work? Check it out:

Funny as this is, it's also extremely sad -- because it's not too far off from the truth. A Texas judge recently ruled to overturn the mandatory contraception coverage in employer-covered insurance. Naturally, there is no such ruling going on about Viagra -- and Republicans continue to battle any form of gun control.

The House is also voting to overturn a new law that would make it illegal for firing women for their reproduction choices. The new law could make using birth control pills a fireable offense! Horrific!

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The reality is that it is still frighteningly easy for men to walk away from reproductive repercussions -- not at all easy for women (80 percent of single parent households are headed up by moms and one in four children are being raised without a father). And yet men continue to have such incredible power over women's bodies!

Hey, there will probably come a time where a 10-year-old can get a gun more easily than a grown woman can get a birth control pill -- and that time may even be now.

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