Prestigious Annual Woman's Award Goes to .... Miss Piggy?!

Have you heard the news? The Internet seems to be rejoicing that Miss Piggy has won a prestigious feminist award. Yes, Miss Piggy the Muppet. The Kermit the Frog-tail chasing swine who only understands French, but can't speak it. That Miss Piggy.


Please don't misunderstand me -- I love me some Miss Piggy. She's been regularly cracking me up since probably before I was potty-trained, and she may deserve all sorts of accolades for that. But time and place, people ... time and place.

Although the Daily Beast calls Miss Piggy the "Gloria Steinem of the Muppet world," I fail to see how this fictional character won the award that the likes of Sandra Day O'Connor has won in the past. Yes, the first female Supreme Court Justice has won this award ... and now a Muppet has.

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The award is from the Brooklyn Museum's Sackler Center, and it is given to female trailblazers.

Um ... Miss Piggy's famously female hysterics have traditionally been voiced by a man, so what the heck is going on here? But even so, I love me a male in favor of girl power, so let's look at her character instead of the voice behind the snout.

Miss Piggy is not exactly a feminist. She famously clings onto her Kermie, is obsessed with her looks, and often rude. Those exaggerated characteristics of course make her character lovable, but eligible for a feminist award? No!

Plus let's please not forget that no matter what anyone thinks of Miss Piggy or her attributes to the world, she is fictional. Could the Sackler Center not find even one other female in the world worthy of recognition for her contributions to society?

Even outside of famous people, there are everyday women who work hard to make their corners of the world a better place. Let's talk about the single moms working two jobs or more to make ends meet, the widowed wives of service members and the females serving themselves, having sacrificed family time to serve their country.

What about the missionaries, the humanitarian workers, or the young girls studying to become engineers in a man's world? The women who volunteer their time in their communities, the numerous female politicians we now have in local, state, and national-levels of government?

I'm just saying ... there had to be at least one incredible female out there in real life who deserved this award more than Miss Piggy.

What do you think of Miss Piggy winning a feminist award?


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