Racist Jerk Gets Kicked Out of Kindergarten Concert for Protesting Spanish Translator (VIDEO)

You wouldn't think of a kindergarten concert as a hotbed of xenophobia, but one man managed to turn it into that as he began shouting, "English only! USA!" at a kindergarten performance in Perry, Iowa. What a loser.


Check out how the little kids are looking all cute on stage and one of them sounds like he's singing when the dude who has something against Spanish decides to make a fool of himself:

The unidentified man was hustled out of the auditorium, continuing to drone on about English and the USA. One person drawled "Murrica!" as he took his leave -- or rather his leave was forced on him.

Wow, what a place for your ravings. What, couldn't find a street corner to stand on? How awful that this man was probably the first instance these innocent little tykes had of this kind of behavior -- those of them who may use English as a second language now know what they're up against. Perry's kindergarten class is about 50 percent Latino. These are little kids he just tried to bully and make ashamed of their language!

Even more horribly, the play the children were acting out was about the racism that Latinos faced when they came to Perry to work at a meatpacking plant.

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Luckily, they also saw how the man was quickly forced from the auditorium, so they will also see that many more people don't support intolerance than do.

What would you have done if you'd seen this?

Image via Jeremy Golumski/YouTube

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