How Racist Is Your State? This Map Will Tell You (GRAPHIC)

How Racist Is Your State? This Map Will Tell You (GRAPHIC)

Is your state racist? The vast majority of us would hope not, but the facts might surprise you. Research put together by scientists from various universities measures the level of racism across the United States.

Factors the scientists examined in determining levels of racism included how many people Google the "N-word" -- and how those searches correlated to higher rates of black mortality

The researchers then put areas into 4 categories -- much less racist than average, less racist than average, more racist than average and much more racist than average. Take a look at the slideshow to see where the place you call home falls.

racsim america map

Are you surprised by the level of racism in your area?

Image via Michael R. Kramer of Emory University, School of Public Health

  • Much Less Racist Than Average


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    Most of the Midwest and top most Northeast fall into this category. States include Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and all the way up to Montana and the Dakotas. Northeast states include Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and most of Massachusetts. The oddball here is Texas, which has large swatches of "much less racist" areas -- surprising because Texas has a long history of Klu Klux Klan presence and Vidor, Texas was once known as a "sundown town" where blacks could not be out after dark.

  • Less Racist Than Average


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    States with large pockets of "less racist than average" areas include the Northwest states Washington and Oregon, and most of the states around the Michigan lakes. This category also includes Florida, Georgia, and Oklahoma. In 1912, a Georgia Congressional rep wanted to make interracial marriage illegal nationwide. And more recently, a 2014 study showed that Florida and Georgia were two of the most racist states in the country.

  • More Racist Than Average


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    Many states in the Deep South, including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississipi, have pockets of "more racist than average" areas. But so do California, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Surprising since California has the most senior of the black women serving in Congress. In 2012, Minneosta was named one of the least racist states in the US.

  • Much More Racist Than Average


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    Many of the states you might think of as "less racist than average" show up on this map as "more racist than average" -- New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. New York is considered the "melting pot" of the country. The map creators point out that the "racist" portions of these states are concentrated along the Appalachian Mountains. Another interesting find: Wisconsin, which has a large slotch of "more racist than average" at its northern tip. Wisconsin also has a large population of anti-racist groups.


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